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Company Launch at Montclair Museum of Art.

Company Launch at Montclair Museum of Art.



Three Cool Ways to Dress Up Your Reception Tables!


Image courtesy of Karen Tran Florals

One way to really make your wedding unique and add color  is by dressing up your reception tables. This can be done by replacing white or ivory linens with colorful and texturized linens. There are many rental companies out there that carry a large line of linen and napkin choices and can be rented for any event. When designing the look of your table, take into consideration the type of centerpiece you’re going to use. If you’re using flowers with an abundance of color, make sure your linen choice compliments your flowers, and doesn’t overpower them. You can exercise a great deal of creativity, but there’s a delicate balance between delicately placed, eye-popping color and a gaudy, overcrowded tablescape. If you’re not sure, get an opinion from your planner or florist.

Another way to dress up your table is by using chargers. Chargers are wonderful accessories for any tablescape and you can use a muted color like silver, gold or beige…or you can find these in almost any color. Consider the linen and napkin color you’re using first…will it compliment my table? Remember to alternate…for example, if you’re using an purple linen, don’t pile a purple charger on top–it will get lost on the table….break it up by using a silver or gold charger…or consider using a glass beaded charger. Those are wonderful accents that can go with any color linen and napkin.

Menu cards are another great table addition. These can be customized with monograms, colors of your choice, even embellishments like rhinestones and ribbons. A menu card can be tucked into a beautiful napkin fold, and placed on top of your charger. Your table will look like a million bucks with these simple additions. You’ll find that if you cannot afford to spend a lot on flowers, these ideas will help your table go from drab to fab!

Bonus idea: No matter what decor you use, always add candles…lots of candles…pillars and votives…these can be added to any color tablescape and adds dramatic, romantic light to your event!

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Andrea and Carol

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