New Trends in Wedding Decor!

As dedicated wedding planners in the industry, it’s important to stay abreast of the hottest, newest, most exciting trends for weddings. Recently, we’ve noticed that designers are seeking ways to provide visual stimulation to guests attending weddings. One of the interesting trends we’ve seen are suspended (hanging) centerpieces. I’m a bit on the fence about these — I’ve seen some great ones and some not-so-great ones…here are a few examples. We’d love to hear your thoughts…are you in favor of this new trend? Please click on the bubble to comment and let us know!

Source: via ellis on Pinterest

Source: via Noel on Pinterest


Inspiration by Candlelight!

One of our clients mentioned that she wanted to host a surprise bday party for her husband’s 40th birthday. When we discussed centerpieces for the tables, she decided that she wanted to use candles as opposed to an all floral arrangement. That got me to thinking that so many times, when we brainstorm about elegant tablescapes, we automatically think flowers. But, candles are just as beautiful, if done correctly and creatively, with the right lighting and accents. Our favorite candles are votives, pillars, and floating candles. After browsing the web for inspiration, here are some we found on Pinterest….take a look!

Source: via Andrea on Pinterest

This last one here is our favorite….have you decorated a table with all candles? Show us your design and creativity! We’d love to have you share it here with us—or vote on your favorite(s) pictured here….

Source: via Andrea on Pinterest

Blue and Yellow Themed Setting

Happy Monday Everyone! It's not too sunny right now in our neck of the woods, so we thought we'd add some sunshine by way of this yellow and blue decor. We adore this theme for an outdoor garden party. Perfect for a bridal shower or engagement party.