2012 Wedding Trends: A Year in Review

We are looking back at 2012 Wedding Trends: A Year in Review

Hey Beautiful People!

As we approach the end of 2012, it’s time to reflect and revisit some of the beautiful designs we’ve experienced this past year. From wedding gowns,  to eclectic table design, we’re looking back at some pretty amazing weddings.  Join us on this journey and let these terrific visuals stimulate you for YOUR next event!!!

A beautiful, sexy shoe in your favorite color under your gown? We saw that in 2012 and we definitely want to see it again in 2013. That trend is a keeper!

Couples found some unique ways to set up their wedding ceremonies and their guests loved it!!

Source: bellethemagazine.com via Land and Sea Event Planning on Pinterest

Chair design played an important role in the overall decor for the recetio.Source: stylemepretty.com via Land and Sea Event Planning on Pinterest



Who knew that blush pink would be the breakout color for wedding gowns in 2012? If you missed it, check out Jessica Biel’s wedding dress!


Some brides left the traditional veils behind and opted for a simple, yet beautiful headpiece accessory.


Barnyard weddings made a big splash for 2012–we expect to see more of these in 2013!

Mason jars were at almost every outdoor wedding…have we seen the last of them? Only time will tell!


We’ve seen a HUGE push for suspended centerpieces. Check out these hanging branches flanked by table numbers. And whatever you do, don’t forget to include candles….everywhere. We believe there can never be too many….LOVE!


Clean, modern, minimal…our city brides LOVE this!

Lounge furniture showed up at a bunch of weddings – and we never saw the same design twice! Grab some custom pillows with your monogram and don’t forget to use LEDs to light up the furniture! POW!


Brides want different, so they are considering necklines other than strapless…we are definitely going to see some lovely necklines in lace, off-the-shoulder, spaghetti straps, one-shoulder, and much more! And the back of the dress will become more of a focal point for the more daring brides…we can’t wait to see it all in 2013!

The sweetheart table may be replaced by take a back seat to the old-school head table or dais, which is making  a comeback. We’ll be designing a few, but with a modern twist. For those that do have the sweetheart table, make sure it’s a show-stopper like this one! 


Burlap was big in 2012…and will continue to be present in 2013.

Custom signs for the outdoor wedding is one of the fun elements we love! 


Buffet vs. Sit Down vs. Stations vs. Cocktail Reception….couples pushed the envelope to entice their guests with eclectic food service at their weddings. Whatever you decide, make it an engaging, yet delicious experience. Food trucks anyone?


Three Cool Ways to Dress Up Your Reception Tables!


Image courtesy of Karen Tran Florals

One way to really make your wedding unique and add color  is by dressing up your reception tables. This can be done by replacing white or ivory linens with colorful and texturized linens. There are many rental companies out there that carry a large line of linen and napkin choices and can be rented for any event. When designing the look of your table, take into consideration the type of centerpiece you’re going to use. If you’re using flowers with an abundance of color, make sure your linen choice compliments your flowers, and doesn’t overpower them. You can exercise a great deal of creativity, but there’s a delicate balance between delicately placed, eye-popping color and a gaudy, overcrowded tablescape. If you’re not sure, get an opinion from your planner or florist.

Another way to dress up your table is by using chargers. Chargers are wonderful accessories for any tablescape and you can use a muted color like silver, gold or beige…or you can find these in almost any color. Consider the linen and napkin color you’re using first…will it compliment my table? Remember to alternate…for example, if you’re using an purple linen, don’t pile a purple charger on top–it will get lost on the table….break it up by using a silver or gold charger…or consider using a glass beaded charger. Those are wonderful accents that can go with any color linen and napkin.

Menu cards are another great table addition. These can be customized with monograms, colors of your choice, even embellishments like rhinestones and ribbons. A menu card can be tucked into a beautiful napkin fold, and placed on top of your charger. Your table will look like a million bucks with these simple additions. You’ll find that if you cannot afford to spend a lot on flowers, these ideas will help your table go from drab to fab!

Bonus idea: No matter what decor you use, always add candles…lots of candles…pillars and votives…these can be added to any color tablescape and adds dramatic, romantic light to your event!

For more ideas on designing a fabulous wedding reception table, call or email us for a free consultation!


Andrea and Carol

Managing Partners

Land and Sea Event Planning

Wedding Planning Tip: Decide what you MUST HAVE…then go get it!

Every bride knows what’s most important to them for their wedding day. It could be the perfect dress, or the perfect centerpiece, or maybe they’ve always dreamed of getting married on the beach or with NYC as the perfect backdrop.

If you’re on a budget for your wedding, there are ways to get what’s most important to you. The first step is to make a two lists. The first list is your “must have” list….the second list is your “wish list”. If you’re a fashionista, start shopping for your dress early and decide on a dress that will make you feel nothing less than a supermodel. You may not be able to afford that Vera Wang gown, but you can certainly find something pretty darn close in style and fit. You’d be very surprised at the really lovely array of gowns available for a fraction of the cost. The most important thing here is to realize that on this day, your wedding day, you want to look and feel the best ever…so you need to put the work in to realize this dream. The way you feel in your dress, hair and makeup, will exude through every picture you take.

If you’re into clean lines and modern decor, you can certainly save some decent bucks on your centerpieces. Once you’ve decided on your venue, think about the architecture and decor of the room in its raw state. What can you add to the tables to compliment the room, yet still keep your minimalistic sense of style?Perhaps candles should be the focal point on your tables, especially if the dinner is being served at sunset or later. You can still add some flowers to the table if you wish, it just doesn’t need to be over the top, if that’s not your style. Maybe clusters of candles and low flowers on the table will achieve the look you want. For a vintage wedding, simple florals in mason jars or tea/coffee cans are very economical.

Most couples want to give their guests a wonderful gift, but they don’t want to spend a ton on wedding favors. The cutest favors tie in with your theme or wedding colors. You can be most economical when your favors are also used as escort cards. Killing two birds with one stone will definitely cut down on your expenses.

Have you found the perfect venue, but it’s out of your budget? Speak to the salesperson at the venue and ask about “value dates” or off-season pricing? Most venues offer a discounted rate if you marry outside of prime wedding season. If you’re okay with a Friday night wedding, that might get you a discount as well. Some folks might balk at a February or March wedding, thinking yikes — it’s not warm out, but if your venue is an indoor venue and you won’t planning on utilizing the outside, that won’t really matter, when you think about it. It’s the inside of the venue that you’re attracted to and the room is what’s most important. That room won’t change whether it’s Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall. For those 5-6 hours that you’re there, you and your guests won’t give a hoot about what’s going on outside — and you’ll have your dream venue without breaking the bank.

Your rehearsal dinner doesn’t have to compete with your wedding reception. No need for stuffy, formal restaurants and cuisine. More and more engaged couples are hosting the rehearsal dinner at their parents’ home or a friend’s home that can accommodate the group. This is my favorite type of rehearsal dinner because it’s a chance for your closest family and the bridal party to get together the night before the wedding in a relaxed atmosphere. Set the table beautifully, but simply. Serve easy comfort food.Go light on the alcohol consumption and end the night early enough so that everyone (especially the bride and groom) can be well rested for the next day’s main event.

I truly believe that every bride can have a wedding day that is beautiful and filled with gorgeous elements. It’s all in how you plan. We know this because…that’s what we do!

Happy Planning!

New Trends in Wedding Decor!

As dedicated wedding planners in the industry, it’s important to stay abreast of the hottest, newest, most exciting trends for weddings. Recently, we’ve noticed that designers are seeking ways to provide visual stimulation to guests attending weddings. One of the interesting trends we’ve seen are suspended (hanging) centerpieces. I’m a bit on the fence about these — I’ve seen some great ones and some not-so-great ones…here are a few examples. We’d love to hear your thoughts…are you in favor of this new trend? Please click on the bubble to comment and let us know!

Source: bit.ly via ellis on Pinterest

Source: ruffledblog.com via Noel on Pinterest

Inspiration by Candlelight!

One of our clients mentioned that she wanted to host a surprise bday party for her husband’s 40th birthday. When we discussed centerpieces for the tables, she decided that she wanted to use candles as opposed to an all floral arrangement. That got me to thinking that so many times, when we brainstorm about elegant tablescapes, we automatically think flowers. But, candles are just as beautiful, if done correctly and creatively, with the right lighting and accents. Our favorite candles are votives, pillars, and floating candles. After browsing the web for inspiration, here are some we found on Pinterest….take a look!

Source: imgfave.com via Andrea on Pinterest

This last one here is our favorite….have you decorated a table with all candles? Show us your design and creativity! We’d love to have you share it here with us—or vote on your favorite(s) pictured here….

Source: google.com via Andrea on Pinterest

Down The Aisle!

These days a lot of the attention in planning your wedding goes into the reception. After all, your ceremony is probably only about 20-30 minutes, and the following 4-5 hours will be spent with your guests at the reception. Well hold on….that may be true, but let’s face it. If you really think about it, the ceremony is the most important and symbolic portion of your wedding day. It deserves some true attention to detail.

Don’t forget to be green! If you choose your aisle treatments wisely, you can even reuse them at your reception for your centerpieces or accents for your escort card table or at your sweetheart table.

I was browsing and found some wonderful photos of various ceremony wedding aisle treatments. Whether you will have church pews or garden chairs at your ceremony, one thing’s pretty certain….there will be an aisle for you to walk down. Make it memorable!! Here are a few ideas to ponder…the cost will vary depending on the elements you choose. Enjoy!!!