We’ve FALLEN in Love with Autumn Weddings!

Source: google.com via Andrea on Pinterest

As we’ve just entered the month of October, our thoughts and inspiration turn to all our autumn/fall weddings.

This month is a truly magical month to say “I Do” because the natural beauty of the season is apparent everywhere with the leaves changing colors in such a beautiful way. Make sure to take advantage of the beautiful fall foliage when you’re taking your engagement and wedding photos. The mixture of red, green, yellow, and auburn leaves is gorgeous!!

When it comes to your ceremony and reception decor, unless you’re going for a Halloween theme, don’t go too crazy with the pumpkins…keep the theme Fall with leaves, candles, acorns, etc.

We’ve gathered some fantastic photos to inspire your Fall wedding! Enjoy!

Source: bing.com via Andrea on Pinterest




2 thoughts on “We’ve FALLEN in Love with Autumn Weddings!

  1. Wow. These images are captivating. Can you imagine walking down THAT aisle? Also, how great is it for me to see a “new” way to swag a chair in that green linen. Love this–thank you!

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