Getting Married on the Beach?

This past Saturday, we had the pleasure of executing a wonderful outdoor vintage wedding at a central NJ home. The 100 degree weather really tested our team’s endurance, but they worked tirelessly and non-stop to make sure everything was perfect. We wish to thank the L&S Team for working their butts off without so much as one complaint! The clients were ecstatic with everything! We promise to post pics here soon!

So this weather makes me think of one thing: The Beach

Having a wedding on the beach can  be fun for you and your guests…you can opt to wear a less-formal gown…something whimsical and flowy would be perfect in this setting. Your groom and his guys can be comfortable and relaxed. Instead of a tux, they can wear khaki colored light-weight pants and collared cotton shirts – no ties! And the best part….flip flops/no shoes! They’ll love you for this!

I’ve found some great Pinterest photos to inspire your beach-themed wedding. Enjoy!

Do you have unique ideas for hosting a beach wedding? Have you had a beach wedding recently? Please share your comments and thoughts with us!

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