New Trends in Wedding Decor!

As dedicated wedding planners in the industry, it’s important to stay abreast of the hottest, newest, most exciting trends for weddings. Recently, we’ve noticed that designers are seeking ways to provide visual stimulation to guests attending weddings. One of the interesting trends we’ve seen are suspended (hanging) centerpieces. I’m a bit on the fence about these — I’ve seen some great ones and some not-so-great ones…here are a few examples. We’d love to hear your thoughts…are you in favor of this new trend? Please click on the bubble to comment and let us know!

Source: via ellis on Pinterest

Source: via Noel on Pinterest

2 thoughts on “New Trends in Wedding Decor!

  1. Every image you included of hanging centerpieces was absolutely stunning. I particularly like them because they decorate what would normally be an empty plane of space. They add a whole new dimension to the event!

    You note in the text above that you seem to be on the fence about these. From a planner’s prospective, I’d like to know more about your thoughts on this. 🙂

  2. Hi Shannon,
    Thanks for your thoughts on this topic! For me, hanging the centerpieces instead of–or in addition to placing them on the table, is a fairly new concept. I like the look of some of the simpler pieces, but if it’s too crowded, I feel that it takes away from the overall design of the table…just my two cents lol:) However, the planner/designer in me is itching to try something like this for one of my future clients.

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