Name Your Tables with Style!

We believe in bringing unique elements to your wedding to show your individual taste and style–and give your guests a “different” experience. You don’t always need to spend a ton of money or be over-the-top if that’s not your style. One way to do that is with table numbers or names. You can tie in your wedding theme or color…or you can name the tables after your favorite restaurants, cities, or recording artists. There are so many ways you can go with this….the sky’s the limit!’s a wonderful conversation piece for your guests when they are seated at their table. Your stationer can do these for you — or if you’ve got a really great planner, he/she can take care of that for you! Here are some pics that will get your creative juices going!

Source: via Andrea on Pinterest

2 thoughts on “Name Your Tables with Style!

  1. Absolutely love this idea–so much fun and so unique. It adds a lot of character to events. As I work with clients and wedding planners for their table numbers and decor, I suggest table names tied into the event theme. More often than not, they are game for something different!

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