Down The Aisle!

These days a lot of the attention in planning your wedding goes into the reception. After all, your ceremony is probably only about 20-30 minutes, and the following 4-5 hours will be spent with your guests at the reception. Well hold on….that may be true, but let’s face it. If you really think about it, the ceremony is the most important and symbolic portion of your wedding day. It deserves some true attention to detail.

Don’t forget to be green! If you choose your aisle treatments wisely, you can even reuse them at your reception for your centerpieces or accents for your escort card table or at your sweetheart table.

I was browsing and found some wonderful photos of various ceremony wedding aisle treatments. Whether you will have church pews or garden chairs at your ceremony, one thing’s pretty certain….there will be an aisle for you to walk down. Make it memorable!! Here are a few ideas to ponder…the cost will vary depending on the elements you choose. Enjoy!!!

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