Bridesmaids Wanna Be Pretty Too!

Happy Friday night all! While most of you are having date night with your significant other, hubby and I are each on our individual laptops surfing the web. Searching thru the web for inspiration, I bumped into some gorgeous bridesmaids dresses on Bella Bridesmaids’ page and had to share with you all.

I’m so glad to see that the days of brides dressing their bridesmaids in the ugliest dress possible, are gone! I always remind brides that no matter what, you can’t be upstaged on your wedding day. You’re wearing a beautiful bridal gown, in a hue that none of your guests should be in, so how could they? Be strong and confident…and show everyone that you have great taste by dressing your closest gals in something you would love to wear yourself!

Here are some that caught my eye! Enjoy!


An Exquisite Bridal Beauty Event!

We’re thrilled to report that yesterday we were treated to some fine pampering. We had the pleasure of attending the Luxe Life Beauty Launch Event in Metuchen, NJ!

Luxe Life Beauty is an on-location beauty service which offers: Hair, Makeup, Nails and Massage throughout the Tri-State area. Last night this group invited brides-to-be and wedding vendors to their event which was held at the Wine Chateau in Metuchen, NJ. Each attendee had the opportunity to indulge in delectable hors d’ouevres, wine, champagne, and sweets. We were treated to bridal fashions by Macys Menlo Park/Demetrios and best of all…..complimentary beauty treatments, such as: Minx nail applications, makeup, massages, and eyelash applications (I HAD to take advantage of getting my eyelashes done – they look and feel great and I love them!!!)

We wish to thank the entire Luxe Life Beauty team for hosting such an exquisite event. We can’t wait to see what they have planned next! If you’re interested in any of their services, you may contact them at:, or 908-531-6638.

A Special Surprise!

This past Saturday, we had the pleasure of designing a lovely surprise b’day party for our clients Johnie and Monica. Monica turned 40, and her husband wanted a special occasion that would delight and surprise her. So he called Land and Sea to make it happen. After finding out that Monica’s favorite color was orange, we decided to design a wonderful celebration around that color and invite all her closest family and friends. We’re delighted to share some of the pictures with you. Oh yeah — and Johnie had one more surprise for Monica…a brand new SUV, which he presented to her at the party. Who says turning 40 isn’t fun??!!!

Cake/Cupcake Tower designed by Stacey Welch, Owner of LiVay Sweet Shop!

Today we are dreaming of…..Dessert Bars!

Today is Tuesday – and we are immersed in thoughts of Sweets!

This is because we’re working on a dessert bar for this weekend’s Surprise 40th Birthday Bash! Instead of having a Candy Buffet, we’ve decided to do a Dessert Bar, rich with not only candy, but a wealth of other treats too. We will have a cake/cupcake display and use this as the centerpiece for the table. Then we will add the candy, cookies, moonpies and other wonderful treats!  Whenever you’re building your dessert bar, remember that it’s important to add decorative accents to your table like a table runner, candles, flowers….anything that will enhance the theme. Stay tuned for our blog post next week as we’ll be sure to share the pics of this weekend’s creation! Below..we’re gathering inspiration from some great ideas we found online for dessert bars!

Beach-themed dessert buffet!

Source: via Bree on Pinterest

S’mores, graham crackers, chocolate…yumm!!

Yellow, Black and White buffet – very pretty color combination!

Are you working on a dessert bar or candy buffet for your wedding or event? Have you done any in the past? Tell us your theme and colors  – share your vision with us! We’d love to hear from you!

A Different Wedding Gown!

We've all seen the normal strapless, ballroom gown on so many brides. While strapless tends to be the most flattering, why not spice up your look and show off those gorgeous legs with something unexpected like bright red shoes and a short hemline?

Source: via Andrea on Pinterest

Source: via Andrea on Pinterest

Flowy gowns are a beautiful statement and what better way to show it off than with an adornment of flowers from the waist down….

This gown is a true show-stopper with a beautiful blue lining. Absolutely gorgeous -- we suggest pairing it with a blue designer shoe...hey - if you're gonna do it...go all the way!!

Happy International Womens’ Day!!!

Wow! We are excited about today being International Womens Day! I’ve always celebrated being a woman on a daily basis. There are just so many cool things about being a woman, one of them being that we are multi-faceted creatures.

That being said, we’d like to pay tribute to some amazing women in our favorite arena: The Wedding Industry. Here are some phenomenal ladies that found their passion and ran with it! They inspire us each day and make us work harder to improve in our business and in our overall lives! Today we salute each of you!!!

Stacie Ivers Francombe – Founder, Inspire Smart Success – Stacie’s smart tips and advice provided daily on her facebook page ( is a true must-read for me every day. I’ve learned so much from the dialogue and blog excerpts that Stacie provides every day. As a planner, it’s so helpful to interact with an industry leader like Stacie, and I’m so glad she’s provided this awesome platform where our colleagues can ask questions, help each other and gain valuable information to drive our business forward. “Stacie is committed to changing how the wedding industry learns and networks, both one-on-one through her mentoring program, as a group with fun, educational seminars and networking events, and individually, providing wedding industry professionals with a magazine they can learn from at their leisure. Stacie loves nothing more than being able to use her talents and knowledge to help the wedding industry grow and thrive and to see wedding vendors find success through using smart business practices.” Check out Stacie’s INSPIRING brand at:

Diann ValentineWedding and Event Designer, Interior Designer, Author of Weddings Valentine Style, and WeTV Wedding Expert – Diann has been in the business for some time and has always stayed ahead of the designing curve.  When you visit Diann’s website, you’ll see that her events are all over-the-top designs that are never repeated. When you visit Diann’s website, you’ll see that her events are all over-the-top designs that are never repeated. This lady has an uncanny flair for the extravagant and it shows in her weddings and events. Her drive is clearly unparalleled as we can see with her list of credits ranging from Interior Designer to TV personality. We applaud Diann on her outstanding achievements and we can’t wait to see what mountain she’ll be climbing next! Check out Diann’s DESIGNING brand at

Stacey WelchOwner, LiVay Sweet Shop – Stacey is a very dear friend and highly respected colleague in the event industry. Stacey has an extensive background including the beauty industry, stationary industry, and most recently, the baked goods industry. One step into LiVay Sweet Shop and you are entered into a world of delectable sweets. Her repertoire of yummy treats includes chocolates, cake pops, wedding cakes, cupcake towers, and much more…..but don’t forget to stop in for a quick bite of ice cream, which is available daily! LiVay Sweet Shop is THE place to visit for your edible wedding favors. Stacey’s packaging is impeccable and custom designed for any wedding or event. This busy mom of two takes great pride and care with every item she bakes for her clients. Check out Stacey’s DELICIOUS brand at